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About Amigo Foods

We have been manufacturing snacks in Zambia since 1999.

A Story of Excellence and Growth in Zambia.

Zambia based Amigo Food Limited is a snack food company, which was incorporated in 1999.

The company is fully owned and managed by local shareholders/directors.Amigo Foods began producing potato crisps, as it’s initial product in 2001 using locally grown potatoes, which were supplied from our own farm. Growing our own potatoes was necessary as the variety of potatoes was very crucial and not grown in Zambia. Now we also have an out grower scheme for the potatoes needed for processing.

Our main objective is to produce quality snacks. We adhere to international quality standards to ensure that we bring you the tastiest snacks.

We are committed to making great tasting products for our consumers. After the success of the potato crisps, Amigo Foods expanded into various kinds of snack foods, which include corn nax, and corn puffs.

Our commitment to the health and well being of our consumers spurred us to create a healthy snack through our Popico Popcorn snacks..

We are the pioneers of the potato crisps industry in Zambia. We have the latest in preparation and packaging equipment and take pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction. We have created a reputation for the supply of quality goods to the market through our years of industry experience.

Amigos is a subsidiary of the Sobi Group of companies.

The history of our Snacks

Amigo opened in 2001 and started by producing Crisps.

We are the pioneers of the potato crisps industry in zambia. We have a range of 10 flavours.

Not long after, munchos and cheese curls were introduced

Munchos has a massive range of 7 exciting flavours while cheese curls maintains its original cheesy goodness.

The next product Amigos introduced was the chicken nibbles

With a hearty chicken flavour and amazing taste we retained the original chicken flavour.

Then came the unique and crunchy Laka Laka

Which is a corn puff snack with four unique flavours.

The latest addition to our snack family is a popcorn snack Popico

Popico consists of four flavours, three of which are healthy savoury snacks with flavours being: sour cream and chives, butter salt and cheese and the fluer toffee.

Contact Information

Plot 5192 Luanshya Rd, P.O. Box 34841, Lusaka, Zambia


+260 211 221247
+260 211 241319
+260 211 226274
Fax: +260 211 221990

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